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Teams Playing: Chase OFF! Vs Petra’s Pirates
Team Supplying Food: Pet’s Lasagna

Chase off beat Petra’s Pirates 2-1

J.Murphy/ S.Freitag vs P.Napolitano/ J.Tomaino 6/4 4/6 6/4

In the first set Shirley And Murphy played server up. Shirley was
brilliant and the back and was playing at least 10 points above her
handicap. The Forcing king Murphy became the retrieving king in this
match. Covering the court like a hungry Rottweiler. They took the first
set 6/4

In the second set, The Wiley Old Fox Joe Tomaino was playing some cunning
shots & Petra the speed demon was hitting a lot of winners. They took the
2nd set 6/4.
In the final set the forcing king  forced the first 3 points in a row in
to the deadan. From there they never looked back and won the 3rd set and
subsequently the match 6/4 4/6 6/4

2nd match
B.Rives/ S.Freitag vs P.Napolitano / J.Damon 6/2 3/6 6/3

Bill and Shirley played tennis far above their handicaps to beat the
formidable pair of Damon & Napolitano. In the first set Bill played at
the back and was a solid rock. Shirley held her own up at the net and was
hitting some fantastic volleys. they won the 1st pretty handily 6/2.

In the 2nd set Damon and Napolitano got to grips with the handicap they
were giving and made very few errors. They won the 2nd set 6/3

With the 3rd set starting at 4 all it was anybody’s match. It took a
couple crazy points at the end for Rives and Freitag to clinch the match.
I called a double hit on Shirley much to her disappointment . The next
point bill hit the ball on the penthouse and the ball came down and spun
back into the deadan somehow to win the match.

3rd match. Cushing/ B.Rowe vs P.Napolitano / J.Damon

Petra who was now playing in her 3rd straight match was showing no signs
of tiring. The tennis was high quality. Brewer volleyed superbly, Chris
played and his usual high standard but it was the speed demon and iceman
Damon who clinched the match in 3 sets

Night League Standings

1. Chourice Force  10
2. Petra’s Pirates  10
3. Kangaroo Court 9
4. Chase Off 7

Playoffs start next week. It will be 2nd vs 3rd. Petra Pirates vs
Kangaroo Court

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