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Teams Playing: Chourico Force vs Petra’s Pirates
Team Supplying Food: Petra’s Pirates

• 4 Captains choose a team of 10 players each who will be fielded each week.
• Each Wednesday will feature two teams playing 3 matches to decide who wins the night.
• Matches are played off handicap and will one hour each.
• Each week a different team will be nominated to bring food for the night.
• Players within a team will be broken down into 3 groups: A, B, and C.
• An A-team can play a B-team and a B-team can play a C-team, but an A-team cannot play a C-team.
• At the end of the season a dinner is held for all players, and the losing teams pay for the dinner of the winning team (is that isn’t enough incentive I don’t know what is!!)

More information: http://www.nationaltennisclub.org/night-league-2015-16/