World Eliminator Handicap Doubles 2014 Rules & Format

  • World Doubles Eliminator Draw 2014
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your match time
  • Please be ready courtside 5 minutes before your match time
  • There is a 15 minute default rule (1 game p/5 mins)
  • First to 10 games or a 45 minute match, remember the warm up is included in your time.  Keep it short!!
  • Every match will be played off handicap. All handicaps have been taken from the RTO website.
  • The top two teams in each bracket will go through to the finals on Sunday.
  • If you’re down by three games at the receiving end – you may switch receivers.
  • When the buzzer sounds, continue play until the rally is over.
  • E.g. if the match is tied at 6 games all and the score is 15 all, you play out one point to decide the winner.
  • Most matches won
  • Least games Lost
  • Most games won
  • Head to Head
  • All matches will be professionally marked
  • Any questions ask Rich/Ricardo (NTC Professionals)
  • If the professionals receive any complaints about the handicapping there will be deducted a point on their next match
  • PLAY WELL!!!
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