Week 8 of Night League: In Your Grille Takes the Evening

In Your Grille Vs The Doors

This week started with the A Match

Jeremy Wintersteen and Petra Napolitano playing for In Your Grille against Ross Cann and Captain John Damon representing The Doors.

Right from the start Jeremy and Petra stamped their authority on the match with great court coverage from Jeremy and aggressive volleying from Petra. John and Ross looked rattled, Ross was now in panic mode and started swinging widely at the ball which only compounded the problem. John stayed steady but lacked his usual polish. The onslaught kept coming with the In Your Grille team buoyant there was no stopping them and they closed the match out 10 games to 3.

Match 2 the C teams

Up next the establish pairing of Phoebe Livingston and Mary Stevens for In Your Grille versus Clement Napolitano and Richard Gilder. The handicap was very large in favor of Mary and Phoebe which they took full advantage of. Both players were serving very well and making it difficult for the opposing team to pick up some easy points that they needed to overcome the handicap. This led Richard and Clement to play slightly too aggressively which in turn increased their error rate just what they didn’t need. Mary played outstandingly well, hitting several winners off the return of serve and this proved too much for the other team.

Mary and Phoebe came through comfortable winners 10 games to 4

The B teams to the court for the final match of the night.

Representing In Your Grille was Captain Keith Mayes with partner Steve DeVoe and The Doors by Sheila Reilly and Richard Gilder. The match was very level each team playing well in patches. At six all 30 all a very close hazard chase was made by a ball Sheila could not get and this let them to return to the service end to clinch a 7/6 lead and they held the lead to the buzzer.

Richard and Sheila took the match 7/6 for The Doors

The Night went to In Your Grille 2 matches to 1

MVP Mary Stevens with great play & lob main wall dedans


Teams Matches Played Matches Won Night  Won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
Rogues Gallery 4 9 3 3 15
In Your Grille 4 8 3 2 13
The Doors 4 5 2 1 8
Herman’s Hermits 4 1 0 2 3
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