Week 7 of Night League – Rogues Gallery Sweeps the Night

Hermann’s Hermits vs Rogues Gallery

1st Match  (C)

Ellen Hermann/ Doug Shear vs Jackie Siefert/ Bob Rulli

Jackie had the tough task of returning to Doug Shear who has a handicap of 45. Jackie held her own remarkably well. Getting most of Doug’s tricky serves back.  Jackie was also volleying the ball very well from both sides of the net. Her partner Bob had a good game too. He was serving a lovely underarm twist that was not easy to return. He also struck several hard hit shots but with good control. Ellen & Doug fought hard to stay in the match. They lost a couple of game balls which could have made all the difference. They had their moments of great play too. Ellen was serving a great left handed railroad which resulted in a few aces. In the end, Jackie and Bob came out winners. The standard of the C matches is improving all the time. Well played everyone.

Rogues Gallery won the match 10/5

2nd match (B)

Doug Shear/ David Boenning vs John Richmond/ John Murphy

John Richmond and John Murphy came out of the blocks flying. They couldn’t do anything wrong to start the match. They raced to a 4/0 lead. John Richmond was volley returning the serve as good as I have ever seen him. He cut volleyed a number of shots to 2 yards or better. It was impressive to see. John Murphy wasn’t to be outshone by his partner. He was digging out a lot of tough balls in the forehand corner from David Boenning. John also had a purple patch where he hit 3 Dedans in a row. Doug and David did their best to claw their way back in to the match. They played some great shots themselves. It was in the end to no avail as Richmond/Murphy ran out winners.

Rogues Gallery won the match 9/5

3rd match (A)

Pat Winthrop/David Boenning vs Aitor Aldazabal/ Chris Cushing

It’s always exciting to see the club’s No 1 player and No 3 amateur in the US. Pat and David had the tough task of giving a handicap to the talented Cushing and the ultra-competitive Aitor. The match was very close for most of it. Pat and Chris were thumping the ball hard. David was hitting lovely cut shots in to the corner. Aitor swept the back of the court extremely well. Aitor also set an unofficial record of the most first serve faults. I think he only managed to get 3 first serves in . That didn’t matter as Chris/ Aitor ran out winners.

Rogues Gallery 10/6

Rogues Gallery picked up 5 points. Winning 3 matches, the night and highest team attendance.

Shot of the night Ellen Hermann for her textbook backhand cross court winner. It was hit flat low and hard. Great shot.

Player of the Night Jackie Siefert for playing far better than her handicap and for dealing so well with Doug Shear’s serve. Well done Jackie!

12 people came to Racquets Pub.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed a delicious meat loaf with mashed potato.

Remember the first 20 eat for free! So come for a fun night of tennis, drinks & food.


Teams Matches Played Matches Won Night Won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
Rogues Gallery 4 9 3 3 15
In Your Grille 3 6 2 1 9
The Doors 3 4 2 1 7
Herman’s Hermits 4 0 0 2 2



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