Week 6 of Night League, Rogues Gallery Surges to the Top of the Standings!

The Doors vs Rogues Gallery

1st Match (B)

Ross Cann/Richard Gilder vs Tom Rowe/ Brenda Sabbag

Both captains put out strong pairings for the B Match. All players have handicaps in the mid to low 30’s. Tom Rowe was showing no signs of jet lag since getting back from Australia. His was hitting some incredibly hard shots and was ably supported by the very talented Brenda Sabbag. They combined well with Tom’s power and Brenda’s great control. On the other side of the net, the in-form Ross Cann was making life difficult for his opponents with his great retrieving, Richard Gilder was playing great up at the net. Richard was fearless and made a lot of great volleys and he served his demi PK to great effect. He also was having a competition with himself to see how many ways he could get the ball in the Dedan. Gilder hit a boast in to the side wall that hit the main wall and then bounced in to the Dedan. His next Dedan, Gilder hit side wall penthouse straight in to the Dedan. His 3rd Dedan, Gilder was cramped for room off a good serve, so he hit the ball in to the side wall with plenty of height that lobbed straight in to the Dedan. The match was very close with Tom & Brenda winning 4 game balls.

Rogues Gallery won the match7/5

2nd Match (A)

Sergio Lopez/ John Damon vs Chris Cushing/ Tripp Estabrook

This match on paper had the makings to be an epic! Unfortunately, it was not to be. Sergio I believe was still deflated from Rafa Nadal’s loss in the Australian Open and never really got going. The ever steady John Damon was making more unforced errors than usual. Not to take anything away from their opponents Chris & Tripp. They were superb. Chris looked in fine form and was volleying like a dream. Tripp was sensational at the net. He volleyed a force straight into the Winning Gallery with wonderful control. There were some unbelievable rallies to watch but in the end Chris & Trip were too good on the night.

Rogues gallery won the match 10/3

3rd match (C)

Sergio Lopez/ Bill Burgin vs Jackie Siefert/ John Murphy

The Doors were unable to find another C player so Sergio Stepped in to partner with Bill. For Rogues Gallery, Jackie and John partnered up and played great together. Jackie held her own on court and played several great shots. She is improving fast! John Murphy was very steady and played some great shots himself, including a backhand main wall force straight in to the Dedan. They were in the lead for most of the match but the Spanish Bull and the ever so relaxed Burgin found a way back into the match. Burgin likes to rest on his arm on 2nd Gallery while returning a shot. Including one where he was practically sitting in the gallery and still managed to hit a winner.

The Doors picked up their first point of the night with a 7/5 win

Rogues Gallery picket up 4 points. Winning 2 matches, the night and highest team attendance.

The Doors picked up 1 point for winning a match

Shot of the night Tripp Estabrook for his awesome volley straight into winning gallery.

Player of the Night Chris Cushing. He was brilliant on the night.


Teams Matches Played Matches Won Night Won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
Rogues Gallery 3 6 2 2 10
In Your Grille 3 6 2 1 9
The Doors 3 4 2 1 7
Herman’s Hermits 3 0 0 2 2
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