Week 5 of Night League, In Your Grille Separates From The Field

Herman’s Hermits Vs In Your Grille

Match 1 the B’s

Doug Shear and Max Essery from In Your Grille versus Keith Mayes and Brewer Rowe always looked like it was going to be an even match up.  Splitting games up to 4 all 40 all game ball there was nothing between them until a double fault on a short chase by Brewer game Max and Doug a 5-4 lead. This error only served to fire up Keith and Brewer and they took the next 4 games to lead 8 to 5. Keeping the pressure on In your Grille won out 10-8 in the end. 9 of the 18 games played went to 40 all game ball just showing how competitive it and hard fought this match was.

Match 2 the C’s

This time up were Beth Winthrop and Max Essery for Herman’s Hermits took on Mary Stevens and Phoebe Livingston representing In Your grille. Beth obviously remembered all the broad beans her mother had fed her when she was a child and decided this was the moment to get even ! Every serve Beth dished up to Mary was as tight and as unpalatable as she could possibly make them but Mary was up for the challenge and returned beautifully down the line to the galleries time and time again and when she served she was equally as tight along the edge leaving little angle for the return down the line back to her. Phoebe served excellent railroads to Max and kept his return at bay. This was a well spirited match that went to the Hermits 10/5

Match 3 the A’s

With the two top players in the club on either side of the net we were looking forward to a feast of good tennis. Pat Winthrop was paired with Doug Shear for Herman’s Hermits and Jeremy Wintersteen with Mario Llano. Wintersteen and Llano started strong with aggressive serving and brilliant volleying. They sprung out to a 6-love lead and we were all waiting for Pat to catch fire, but sadly it didn’t happen and with each passing game Mario a terrific volleyer as a lawn tennis professional got stronger and stronger. The match ended up a one sided 10-0 defeat for the Herman’s Hermits.

Shot of the night

A stupendous reflex volley made by Mario from a mark two force from the 6 foot 2  power house Pat Winthrop.

Next Match – February 1st, Rogues Gallery vs. The Doors

Standings After Week 5

Teams Matches Played Matches Won Night  Won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
        In Your Grille 3 6 2 1 9
      Rogues Gallery 2 4 1 1 6
            The Doors 2 3 1 1 6
Herman’s  Hermits 3 1 0 2 3



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