Week 4 of Night League Bunches Up The Leader Board

The Doors vs In Hemann’s Hermits

1st Match (C)

Sheila Reilly/Bill Burgin vs Ellen Hermann/Joyce Novak

This was a fantastic match to start the night off.  It went right down to the wire. Shelia and Bill had to give away a few points but that didn’t deter them from playing some lovely tennis. Sheila has great hands, she volleyed beautifully and her forehand is very solid.  Bill served well and was very solid with his volleys at the net.  Ellen & Joyce had the tough task of playing opponents with far better handicaps. They both stood up to the occasion. Ellen was superb at the back of the court. Getting numerous amounts of balls back. Ellen also served beautifully and dealing with Bill’s serve by hitting some fantastic volley returns. Joyce had the tough task of having to return Sheila’s serve. Sheila served very tightly and made returning hard for Joyce. Joyce who is an incredibly determined player, kept plugging away and to her credit ended up getting a lot of balls back. She also hit the shot of the night. The best rally of the night was between Ellen and Bill. Bill served a very tight serve, Ellen returned it back, keeping the ball very tight to the back wall, Bill returned the favor by keeping the ball just as tight against the back wall, then Ellen returned the ball again just as tight. This time it was too tough for Bill and Ellen won the point. As I mentioned, this match really did go write down to the wire. The buzzer went at 6 all 30 all. An extra point had to be played. The advantage was to Bill and Sheila as they were on the serving end. Bill stepped up to serve was his classic Burgin serve and Ellen read the serve well, she volleyed the return  but just a little too low and it went to the net.

The Doors won the first match of the night 6 all 40-30. Well played everyone

2nd match (B)

Ross Cann/Frank Oliveira vs Max Essery/ Doug Shear

This was another match that went right down to the wire. All 4 players played some great tennis. Ross who has been in scintillating form of late  was retrieving everything. Frank was solid with his volleys at the net. Doug and Max teamed up well. Doug was very quick around the court and Max is improving every week as he gets more court time. Max and Doug were ahead for most of the match. Ross & Frank turned the screws to take a 6/5 lead with not much time left on the clock. Max & Doug took a 40-15 lead with 30 seconds left on the clock. Ross then hit a low drive forcing a chase of 5 yards. This chewed up valuable seconds on the clock. In the process of changing ends the buzzer went. Ross & Frank won the match.

The Doors win the match 6/5

3rd match (A)

Ross Cann/ John Damon vs Paul Weber/ David Boenning

Paul & David had their work cut out taking on the experience pair of Ross & John.  That being said, the match was close to start with. David has fantastic hands and was hitting some beautiful cut shots. This combined well with the power of Paul Weber. They really made every game difficult for Ross and John. In the end John’s class along with Ross’ form was too much for David and Paul, they won the match.

The Doors win 10/5

Shot of the night Joyce Novak. Sheila hit a pacey force from the receiver’s side to Joyce’s backhand. Joyce volleyed the ball right in the middle of the strings cross hard, flat and low. The Crow went crazy in applause of the shot. Unfortunately, it fell hazard better than half, so she didn’t win the point. A great shot none the less

Player of the Night, Ellen Hermann. This is the best I have ever seen Ellen play. She was easily playing 12 points better than her handicap. Well done Ellen

The Doors picked up to 4 points for winning 3 matches & the night.

Hermann’s Hermits picked up 1 for having the most team mates in attendance.

After the match 14 people strolled over to Racquets Pub and enjoyed a Chicken Piccata dinner.

Standings After Week 4:

Teams Matches Played Matches Won Night Won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
Rogues Gallery 2 4 1 1 6
In Your Grille 2 4 1 0 6
The Doors 2 3 1 1 6
Herman’s Hermits 2 0 0 2 2


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