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Everything You Need To Know About Tickets for the 2016 World Championship in Court Tennis

The 2016 World Championship in Court Tennis will be held May 17-21, 2016 at the National Tennis Club on the campus of the International Tennis Hall of Fame in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island.

This match is anticipated to be one the great ones in the history of this venerable sport. The defending world champion, Rob Fahey, of Hobart, Tasmania, has held his title since 1994, triumphantly prevailing in twelve separate challenges. There is no doubt that this coming may, in Newport, he will do everything he can to maintain his perfect record in a competition dating back to 1740. He will be matched against an equally determined challenger, one of a pool of contenders, whose level of play is being constantly honed through competition at the very highest level of the sport.

The number of available viewing seats for this contest is limited. Tickets for those seats must be allocated in a manner that best serves the event, and those who will compete in it.

Accordingly, all tickets will reserve a seat for all days of the competition. There are no single day tickets. The competition will be resolved over not less than two days nor more than three days of play.

Further, the sponsors of this event must be given a priority in the allocation of seats and inclusion in social events. If you want to advance your chance of getting a ticket for a particular location, or participation in a particular social and/or sporting event, you should consider becoming a sponsor.

Finally, there are a number of ancillary social and sporting events that are part of the program for this event. The demand for participation in these events will be high, so if you wish to participate, prompt submission of a reservation is strongly suggested.

The reservation form, for tickets and for the social and sporting events, and an outline of the sponsorship opportunities, are available by clicking on the following link: Ticket Order Form

If you want additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our Professionals at 401-849-6672 or Stephen De Voe, NTC President, at: stephen@jby.com

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