US Junior Nationals Results !!

US Junior Nationals
Schedule of Play
3:00pm Free Court for Juniors
4:00pm Free Court for Juniors
5:00pm CLINIC
6:00pm Fornengo vs Chisholm (U19) 5/0
6:20pm Drake vs Hill (U15) 2/3
6:40pm DINNER
7:00pm Free Court for Juniors
8:00am P. Dickinson vs Motz (U17) 4/5
8:20am Hill vs R. Chitic (U15) 6/0
8:40am Bristowe vs B. Dickinson (U19) 5/3
9:00am Hill vs Bristowe (U15) 4/3
9:20am Drake vs P. Dickinson (U19) 0/6
9:40am Behan vs Chisholm (U13) 0/6
10:00am Drake vs R. Chitic (U15) 6/1
10:20am P. Dickinson vs Fornengo (U17) 4/4
10:50am Milton vs Motz (U17) 2/4
11:20am Behan vs R. Chitic (U19) 3/4
11:40am P. Chitic vs Chisholm (U13) 1/6
12:00pm Fornengo vs B. Dickinson (U19) 6/1
12:20pm LUNCH
12:45pm CLINIC
2:00pm Barker vs Fornengo (U17) 6/0
2:20pm P. Chitic vs P. Dickinson (U19) 0/6
2:40pm B. Dickinson vs Behan (U13) 6/0
3:00pm Drake vs Bristowe (U15) 1/6
3:20pm R. Chitic vs Bristowe (U15) 0/6
Saturday Cont.
3:40pm Milton vs Barker (U17) 3/4
4:00pm Fornengo vs Motz (U17) 3/4
4:20pm B. Dickinson vs Chisholm (U13) 6/2
4:40pm P. Dickinson vs Barker (U17) 1/6
5:00pm Fornengo vs Bristowe (U19) 6/3
5:20pm P. Dickinson vs Milton (U17) 0/6
5:40pm Behan vs P. Chitic (U13) 6/0
8:00am Chisholm vs Bristowe (U19) 3/5
8:20am Behan vs Hill (U19) 0/6
8:40am Milton vs Fornengo (U17)  6/0
9:00am Barker vs Motz (U17)  6/0
9:20am R. Chitic vs Hill (U19)  6/0
9:40am B. Dickinson vs P. Chitic (U13)  6/0
10:00am Chisholm vs B. Dickinson (U19)  5/4
10:20am P. Chitic vs Drake (U19)  6/1
10:40am P. Dickinson vs M. Hill  (U19 Quarter-Final)  6/3
11:00am Motz vs Fornengo (U19 Quarter-Final)  6/0
11:20am Milton vs Freddy Bristowe (U19 Quarter-Final)  6/1
11:40am Barker vs Eli Drake (U19)  6/0
12:00pm Grille Competition
12:20pm Dedan Competition
12:40pm Under 19 Semi-Final 1 – Barker vs P. Dickinson  6/0
1:00pm Under 19 Semi-Final 2 – Motz vs Milton  4/6
1:30pm E. Barker vs N. Motz (U17 Final)  8/2
2:00pm B. Dickinson vs D. Chisholm (U13 Final)  6/2
2:45pm Michael Hill vs Freddy Bristowe (U15 Final)  1/6
3:30pm Barker vs Milton (U19 Final)  6/0 6/3


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