The 8’s Rule

Slated to start in December. Every Player will play with a different partner each week. Points will be allocated depending on the results.

1 point is given for each set won with a maximum of 2 points per match. A 1/2 point will be given for the third set – The half point will only be allocated to the losing team if they lead or win the third set.

If the match is tied, 1 set all, 2 games all – one more game will be played to detrmine the winner.

If the match is tied at 1 set all but one team is up in games, then the team who is up in the third set are the winners.

If a player is late then a game will be awarded to the opposite team every 5 mins passed the scheduled time.

After the 7 weeks of play has ended, The top 2 players will have a bye to the final of the playoff.

The 3rd and 4th will have a bye to the semifinals and the bottom 4 will compete in a quarterfinal match.

After the finals, a dinner will be scheduled for all the 8’s competitors. The winners eat for free and their dinner will be covered by the other 8’s competitors. The matches will be held during the week. The fee for for the 8’s is $55, which covers marking fees for the playoffs and prizes to the winners and runner-ups!

If you have any problems with the schedule then please let the pros know ahead of time so we can reschedule or put in a substitute.

Enjoy your matches and play well!!

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