Rogue’s Gallery Increase Their Lead in 2016-2017 Night League Season

March 8, 2017

Rogues Gallery vs The Doors


(A)   Ross Cann/ Ben Dickinson vs Chris Cushing/Tripp Estabrook

Ben Dickinson filled in at the last minute for an injured John Damon. With that being said, Tripp & Chris have teamed up together in the past and played very well. Unfortunately for them, they were having an off. Not to take anything away from Ross & Ben as they  made few mistakes and played well.

The Doors win 10/0

       (C) Jackie Siefert/ John Murphy vs Joe Tomaino/Bill Russo

The Doors started well in this match. They won the first 2 games. Bill Russo was reading the ball well, And Joe was playing some smart shots. After that, Jackie and John played really well. Despite John having a much lower handicap than Jackie, he had the confidence in her to play back when he was serving. She did not disappoint and played great. John was returning the serve fantastically well. He forced a lot of balls in to the Dedan.

Rogues Gallery win the match 10-4

(B)    Tom Rowe /Brenda Sabbag vs Sheila Reilly/ Clem Napolitano.

Tom Rowe and Brenda were superb together. Tom served great and Brenda was very consistent in getting the ball back.  Clem & Sheila tried their best to get in the match. Tom and Brenda were too good on the night and were comfortable winners.

Rogues Gallery win 10/2

Player of the Night – Brenda Sabbag, hardly made an error.

Shot of the Night–  Jackie Siefert, she stopped a ball from going in to the Grille by volleying the ball straight back with pace in to the Dedan.

Rogues Gallery pick up 4 points, Winning 2 matches, The night & Highest team attendance.

The Doors pick up 1 point for winning 1 match

15 people went back to Racquets for dinner. We had delicious BBQ chicken, sweetcorn and potato with sour cream.



Teams Matches Played Matches Won Night  Won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
Rogues Gallery 6 12 4 5 21
In Your Grille 5 10 4 2 16
The Doors 6 7 2 1 10
Herman’s Hermits 5 3 1 3 7


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