Rogues Gallery are Night League Champions!

May 3 — Finals

Rogues Gallery vs In your Grille
After a 3-month season of night league, we had reached the final match. Both teams finished the regular season in the top two places, made it through the playoffs to face off one last time. The captains from both teams picked very strong sides. They also elected not to play so they could focus on cheering their sides on. The professionals were very impressed with the captain’s decisions, putting the team ahead of themselves. That is what makes a great captain

(C) John Murphy / John Richmond vs Steve de Voe/ Pheobe Livingston
The first match the captains putting out very strong C pairings. The players were amped up for this. So much so that John Murphy and Steve Devoe were putting their bodies on the line ended up with small cuts around their eyes.
The tennis it’s self was the best quality C match of the season. John richmond was volleying the ball unbelievably well at the net. Steve De Voe was hitting the ball extremely hard and John R, hoping to force an error but he couldn’t. The games early on were close, but it was Richmond & Murphy who raced to a 4/0 lead, helped but Richmond hitting a dedan when trying to beat chase half a yard with the score 40-30 to win the game. Murphy also was extremely solid at the back, hardly making an error. Steve and Pheobe were playing well but Richmond and murphy stood strong. At 5/1 down, Steve and Pheobe switched receivers. Pheobe was now facing Richmond’s serve. This proved a very good move as John really struggled with Phoebe’s serve. Pheobe was serving a nice railroad that John R had no answer for. Pheobe & Steve were mounting their come back. They got the score to 4/7. They had enough time to win the match if they won the next game. It looked like they would take the score to 5/7 as they had a 40/15 lead but some good shot’s from their opponents and a couple mistakes meant they lost the game. Murphy & Richmond took the match 9/5.
Rogues Gallery win 9/5

(B) Tom Rowe/ Brenda Sabbag vs Brewer Rowe/ Petra Napolitano
Tom and Brenda have played several times together in night league and are a very solid team. Their opponents Petra and Brewer although having not spent so much time as a team, they are both formidable doubles players. So the stage was set for a great match and they did not disappoint.
There were long rallies with brilliant volleying. Each player brought a key component to the match Brenda with excellent gets of the Tambour, Tom with good forces and serves, Brewer great court coverage and precision and best of all Petra with drive volleys and hard cut forehands into the Tambour.
Petra and Brewer prevailed with a little more fire power and consistency to take the match 10 games to 4 and level the night one match each
In Your Grille win 10/4

(A) Chris Cushing/ Aitor Aldazabal vs Jeremy Wintersteen/ Mario Llano
It all game down to the last match. The dedan was full and everybody was on edge of their seat to see who would win Night League. What a line up we had for the final match. There was some serious talent on court. Mario, a tennis Professional by trade, is one of the best volleyers in the club. Jeremy is one of the best amateurs in the country and recently made the final of the US amateur, beating the number 1 seed on the way to the final. Aitor is an ex- professional Basques player and is very good under pressure. Chris has so much talent that he can pretty much beat anyone in the club on his day. It just depends which Chris turns up. Fortunately for Rogues gallery Chris was on fire! The tennis was electric from both ends. The rallies were long. It was Chris and Aitor who kept their noses in front. They were both peppering the dedan from the receiver’s side. Chris was a rock on the server’s side and Aitor had the game of his life at the net. Jeremy and Mario were working hard to draw the match level. The crowd was loud and it just helped raise the games of all the players on court. We got the nail biting match we hoped for. With not much time left, Chris and Aitor had a slender 6/5. The 12th game was a tense one. If Chris an Aitor win that game then they win the match, if not they it was going to come down to a couple of points. MVP, Chris was outstanding in that game and they won the game and match 7/5.
Rogues Gallery win 7/5

Player of the night – Chris Cushing. He was just awesome on the night.
Shot of the Night – Steve De Voe, hit a back hand of the back wall straight in to winning gallery.

Well deserved dinner at Raquets…

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