Night League – Hermann’s Hermits V Rogues Gallery

April 5th — Hermann’s Hermits V Rogues Gallery

(C) Ellen Hermann/ Eliot Van Buskirk Vs Bob Rulli/ Jackie Siefert
Right from the very start Bob looked very tentative letting a couple of serves ace him in the first game. This game was over quickly so stepped up Jackie to receive serve alas Jackie was also off form and made some unartistic error’s. When Bob and Jackie did make good shots, Eliot was almost error free and Ellen if she did not hit a winner made sure to hit every shot so no chases could be laid in fact they did such an excellent job of that it was 5 games to love before a hazard chase was made to allow Bob and Jackie to serve for the first time in the match. That chase led to them to win their first game of the match but their time at the service end was short lived. Eliot and Ellen were on form and relentless conceding only 5 chases in the entire match.
10-1 for the Hermann’s Hermitts

(B) Doug Shear/ Max Essery Vs John Murphy/ Brenda Sabbag
The first two games of this match went to 40 all and this was an indicator that both teams were playing well and were evenly matched. John played his best tennis of the season with good forces keeping the pressure up on Doug and Max.
The match was all tied up at 7-7 when the buzzer went and by the margin of 1 point Brenda and John took the match.
7-7 30/15 Rogues Gallery

(A) David Boening/ Paul Weber Vs Chris Cushing/ Aitor Aldazabal
All the players were playing well and with some terrific winners and gets this was a treat for the crowd. David was smooth as ever Paul hitting hard Chris with superb reflexes and Aitor with spin and cut.
It all came down to a few points and Paul Weber came up trumps hitting accurate forces into the dedans to clinch the match to take the MVP.
6-5 Herman’s Hermitts

The highest attendance went to Rogues Gallery 9 out of 10 over Herman’s Hermitts 8 out of 10


Teams Matches Played Matches Won Night  Won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
Rogues Gallery 7 13 4 6 23
In Your Grille 7 12 5 4 21
Herman’s Hermits 7 8 3 3 14
The Doors 7 8 2 1 11
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