Week 3 of Night League – In Your Grille vs. Rogues Gallery

Night League 11th of January 2017

The first match of 2017 and the 3rd of the season pitched The Rogues Gallery vs In Your Grille.

Up first were the A teams of Chris Cushing and Brenda Sabbag for Rogues Gallery vs Brewer Rowe and Petra Napolitano of In Your Grille . The first game went to the polished smooth style of Chris and Brenda the better handicapped players and you might think that this would be the way the match would go, but you would be wrong. Petra and Brewer with sheer aggression and fire power started knocking holes in the defense of their opponents with the aid of a sizeable handicap the stormed into a 3-1 lead. Games were traded until 5-4 when a tightly contested game ended in a fortuitous lob boast from Brewer into the Dedan and quelled the last stand from the Chris and Brenda. Time ran out at a score of 7-4 to the team from In Your Grille

The second match saw John Richmond and Alex Winthrop representing the Rogues Gallery and Mary Stevens and Shirley Freitag representing In Your Grille. This match was a throw back to the 90’s with John serving 80% boomerang’s to Mary. This serve has been out of favor for more than a decade for its impact on the flow and watch ability and this was still the case last night. No wonder it has been banned by the pros and begs the question if it will be banned from Night League. Mary did her best to return this unsporting serve but did not do quite enough. Shirley and Alex played well for their respective teams but without rhythm it was hard for anyone to get into their stride. The matched finish 6-4 to Alex and John a tighter score line due to a late run by Shirley and Mary winning the last 4 games from a 6-1 deficit.

The third and final match of the night Bob Rulli and John Murphy from Rogues Gallery v Steve DeVoe and Keith Mayes from in Your Grille. This was a match played in 3 distinct parts. The first 4 of 5 games went to Steve and Keith with a show of error free attacking tennis and on the other side of the net a few errors from Bob and John put them down 4 to 1. The next 3 games went to Bob and John with less mistakes and better court coverage which allowed them to tie the match at 4 all. The final 3rd  of the match saw John over play the ball, putting the ball on the back penthouse. This was gratefully received and dispatched with relish by the In Your Grille team taking the next 5 games quickly to finish the match with a 9-5 win

Shots of the Night

Bob Rulli with an exceptional forehand volley off the Tambour coming across his body in an underarm twist action.

Steve DeVoe smashing a drive into the Tambour hard enough for it to bounce into the Winning Gallery

In Your Grille won the night 2 matches to 1 with The Rogues Gallery picking up the supporters point.

Points from the night were

In Your Grille 3 points (2 Wins, Plus Winning the Night)

Rogues Gallery 2 points (1 Win, 1 Point for Most Team Members/Supporters)


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