Limited Edition National Tennis Club World Championship Racquet

The National Tennis Club is excited to announce that it has collaborated with Gold Leaf Athletics to design 40 limited edition National Tennis Club World Championship racquets. Racquets by Gold Leaf Athletics are specifically designed to maximize durability and classic aesthetics. This commemorative racquet stands alone with several unique details. The strengthening layers of vulcanized fiber embedded within the racquet represent the club’s colors, navy and red. The 24K gold-leaf logos remind players of Newport’s Gilded Age, and the wording down the shaft is applied in durable navy enamel. Each limited edition racquet weighs 365 grams unstrung and is individually numbered one through forty.

ntc wc racket 1ntc wc racket 2

These beautiful racquets are now for sale at a great price of $395, and with only 40 rackets being made they are sure to sell quickly.  Please contact NTC Head Professional Camden Riviere at to reserve yours now!


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