LIEB CUP 2014 – Juniors at NTC !!

Saturday October 11th
9am-10am Tots session (Age 4-10+)
10am-11am Footwork & Warm up
11am-12pm Drills with Professionals
12:00pm Chase & Cash V Ben & Peter
12.20pm Pete & Will V Jack & Christian
12.40pm-1.05pm LUNCH (Clubroom)
1:05pm On Court Photo – All players must attend in playing whites
1.10pm Chase & Pete V Ben & Will
1:30pm Will & Jack V Ben & Christian
1:50pm Chase & Will V Ben & Bennett
2:10pm Pete & Colby V Jack & Cash
2:30pm Chase & Bennett V Colby & Cash
2:50pm Pete & Jack V Will & Christian
3:10pm Chase & Colby V Will & Cash
3:20pm Ben & Jack V Bennett & Christian
3:40pm Chase & Jack V Bennett & Cash
Sunday October 12th
9am – 10am Footwork & Warm up
10:00am Ben & Colby V Will & Bennett
10:20am Chase & Christian V Pete & Cash
10:40am Will & Colby V Pete & Christian
11:00am Chase & Ben V Bennett & Colby
11:20am Bennet & Jack V Colby & Christian
11:40am Peter & Bennett V Christian & Cash
12:00pm Ben & Cash V ????
12.00pm-12:40pm LUNCH, Q+A with (World Champion Trainer)
12:40pm GRADE B Drills
1:10pm GRADE A Drills
1:40pm Chris Aley vs (9th place round robin player)
2:00pm GRADE B FINAL (First to 8 games)
2:45pm GRADE A FINAL (Best of three 6 game sets)
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