In Your Grille Moves Into a Tie for First Place in Night League

March 29

The Doors vs In Your Grille


Ross Cann/ Dan Paquette vs Steve De Voe/Jeremy Wintersteen

Dan Paquette made his debut for The Doors and played very well.  His partner Ross decided to let Dan warm up on his own and was on court ready to start as soon as the 3-min warm up finished. This proved a great tactic as Dan & Ross came out of the blocks flying. They raced to a 4/0 lead & missed out on a great opportunity to go 5/0 up. Jeremy & Steve fought their way back after a shaky start. Steve’s confidence grew at the net and was becoming more solid with every game. Jeremy was retrieving the ball brilliantly. They tied the match at 4/4. Ross & Dan played a very strong 9th game to go 5/4 up. 3 close games in row went in favor of Jeremy & Steve to give them a 7/5. Lead. Pressure remained on Jeremy & Steve as both Dan & Ross played some great shots, making life difficult for their opponents, but Steve & Jeremy held on to win a closely fought match.

In Your Grille win 8/7


Sheila Reilly/Bill Russo vs Phoebe Livingston/ Keith Mayes

Sheila & Bill started the match well. Playing some solid shots and tight serving gave them a 2/0 lead. Unfortunately for them Phoebe & Keith (The Spanish queen & The Rabbit) found their groove, especially Phoebe. Phoebe was clinical with her volleying and her floor shots. She was supported well by her partner Keith who hit a few good winners himself.  Sheila and Bill tried to throw the kitchen sink at their opponents but they were just too good on the night.

In Your Grille win 10/2


Sheila Reilly/Bill Russo vs Mary Stevens/Shirley Freitag

This was the match of the night. Sheila and Bill capitalized on a slow start from Shirley & Mary. They had a 3/0 lead & it looked as if this was going to be one way traffic. It was anything but one way traffic.  Shirley and Mary turned the tables on their opponents and took the lead in the match. They combined well. Shirley worked around Mary. Mary only playing the ball when she had to and when she did she was excellent. She hit a lot of good returns, putting pressure on their opponents and forcing a mistake from them. They went 8/5 up and looked like they were going to win. Sheila & Bill played excellently to bring the match to 8/8 with only 1min 30 left on the clock. With the rec 30 owe 15 handicap they were giving; Sheila and Bill needed to start well. Shelia saved her best tennis to the last game of the night. She hit 4 good returns to bring the score to 30/all and 1 chase. The next point was vital with 25 seconds left on the clock, Sheila hit another good return to force an error out of Shirley. Sheila & Bill were 40/30 up with a chase. There were still 12 seconds left. Just enough time to change ends and hit a serve before the buzzer went. Sheila & Bill changed ends quickly despite having the lead. The marker was trying to give strong encouragement to Shirley and Mary to run but unfortunately, they decided to walk at leisurely pace and the buzzer went before there was time for Sheila to serve. The Doors won their first match of the night. With that said, it was a great game of tennis. Well played by all.

The Doors win 8-8 40-30.

Player of the night – Phoebe Livingston, she was fantastic on the night.  She needs to play more, lots of talent.

Shot of the night Dan Paquette, Dan was up in front of the tambour, Jeremy was trying to put an relatively easy ball away ,hit the ball and Dan quite hard and Dan volley the ball back straight in to the dedan, much to Jeremy’s amazement.


The Door’s pick up 1 points, Winning 1 match

In Your Grille pick up 4 points winning 2 matches, the night & for highest attendance


13 people went back to Racquets Pub for dinner. We had Chicken & rice with lots of flavors. It was delicious.



Teams Matches Played Matches Won Night Won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
Rogues Gallery 6 12 4 5 21
In Your Grille 7 12 5 4 21
Herman’s Hermits 6 6 2 3 11
The Doors 7 8 2 1 11


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