In Your Grill take the Semi Final !!! 2 Matches to 1

April 26th — Semi Final — Hermann’s Hermits Vs In Your Grille

(B) Max Essery/ Doug Shear Vs Steve DeVoe/Petra Napolitano
What a match! It could not have been closer and more competitive.
Everything was neck and neck up to 4 all when Steve and Petra played a
very smooth game and led 40 love but Doug and Max responded with some
great volleys and retrieved well and managed steel the game to go 5/4 up.
This looked like it was going to allow them to push further into the lead
but Steve and Petra were not about to give up now without a fight.
With the clock on 1 min 7 secs to go the entered the last game tied at 7
all Doug and Max got to a 40 love lead when the buzzer went off. This
meant they captured the game and the match 8/7
Herman’s Hermits 1 match to love up

(C) Beth Winthrop/ Ellen Hermann Vs Shirley Freitag/ Keith Mayes
One would have expected Keith as captain, player with the best handicap
and the only one who can bench press 220 lbs. that he may have dominated
the match but sadly not, he left the heavy lifting to Shirley who played
her best in night league this year.
Beth and Ellen played tough but when Keith picked up his game towards the
last 3rd of the match the pressure was too much.
Shirley & Shirley. Sorry I mean Shirley and Keith took the match over
Ellen and Beth 7 games to 5.
This leveled the night: Herman’s Hermits 1, In Your Grille 1

(A) Paul Weber/ Doug Shear Vs Marion Llano
In Your Grille were giving a hefty handicap but it did not take long to
see the consistency of Jeremy and Mario was going to slowly but surely
take control of the match. This is not to say that Paul and Doug were
going down without a fight.
Paul took the chance on an open ball to unleash an almighty force down
the line heading towards Mario.
This ball was so well struck that I would say only 1 or 2 people in the
club would have a chance of getting back.
You guessed it Mario did, and made it look easy he even managed to
control the ball back on to the floor.
With Mario’s volley defense and Jeremy’s court coverage it wasn’t too
surprising they took the match 10 to 2 and the semi 2 matches to one.

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