Hermann’s Hermits Takes the Night

Hermann’s Hermits vs The Doors   (2/22/17)


Beth Winthrop/David Boenning vs Richard Gilder/ Sheila Reilly

This was a very close match. Everyone had their moments of great play. Richard Gilder played well. He needed to with the dangerous David Boenning on the other side of the net. Both Sheila and Beth played up for their partners. They both did great jobs in this very tight match. David & Beth managed to pull out to a 7/4 lead much to Gilder’s frustration. Sheila & Gilder fought back well however and tied the match at 8 all with 1 min on the left on the clock. That was the end of the fight back. When the buzzer went, David & Beth were 40-love so they were the winners.

Hermann’s Hermits win the match 8-8 40-love.


Paul Weber/David Boenning vs Ross Cann/ John Damon

In the match, Ross & John got off to a very strong. They raced to a 4-0 love lead.  Hardly making a mistake. John was forcing the ball well and Ross was getting everything back. Paul & David then started to find their rhythm and started to close the gap in the game score. David started hitting some nice cut shots and Paul was volleying the ball very well. In the end, Ross & John were too strong and won the match.

The Doors win the match 10-5


Ellen Hermann/ Joyce Novak vs Bill Burgin / Sheila Reilly

Bill & Sheila had a tough handicap to give. Rec 30 owe 15. They knew they need to start well and limit their mistakes. They started off well by going 2-1 up and looked solid in doing so. That would be the last time they would have the lead. Joyce & Ellen teamed up magnificently. Joyce played at the net and Ellen at the back. Ellen retrieved brilliantly well, keeping the pressure on their opponents to play one more shot. Joyce was amazing on the night. She was the main reason her team won. Bill & Sheila were hoping they could pick on Joyce to win easy points but were not able to do so. Joyce served tight serves and got so many volleys back at the front of the net. Joyce had a purple patch where she won 5 points in a row for her team. With Joyce playing like she was and Ellen being very solid, Bill & Sheila really had no chance to win with the handicap they were giving.

Hermann’s Hermits win 10/4

Player of the night – this was any easy choice to pick MVP, JOYCE NOVAK!!

Shot of the night- This was Bill Burgin for his witty remark. Sheila was wanting to know where Joyce was so she could decide what type of shot to play, Bill though about at and replied “she is on the other side of the net”

Hermann’s Hermits pick up 4 points, Winning 2 matches, The night & Highest team attendance.

The Doors pick up 1 point for winning 1 match

Teams Matches Played Matches Won Night  Won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
Rogues Gallery 4 9 3 3 15
In Your Grille 4 8 3 2 13
The Doors 5 6 2 1 9
Herman’s Hermits 5 3 1 3 7
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