2nd Round of Night League featured a Clean Sweep by Rogue’s Gallery

The 2nd round of Night League was played Wednesday (12/21) evening between Hermann’s Hermits and Roques Gallery.  A full report from our courtside reporter follows below.  Reminder next match is on January 11th beginning at 6 PM, three matches first to ten or 40 minutes on the clock which ever comes first, matches completed by 8 PM.  At that time all players and spectators are encouraged to head over to Racquets Pub where food is provided, the night is replayed in multiple versions and cocktails are consumed.


1st Match (C)

Ellen Herman/ Tom Ewart vs Jackie Siefert/ Bob Rulli

All players started well with some spirited rallies and good defense but as time passed pressure was mounting on Ellen and Tom. Jackie’s speed and Bob’s power were wearing down their resistance, but It was not until the ninth game when Ellen and Tom had a 40-love lead and failed to capitalize on it that the cracks started showing. Sensing victory the Rogues went in for the kill and finished the match with a 9 to 5 game win.

2nd Match (B)

Beth Winthrop/ Max Essery vs Bob Rulli/ John Murphy

This match saw the return of Max Essery. Max started a little tentatively just trying to get his bearings back. His opposition Bob and John seized on this and went into attack mode. This just brought out the fighting spirt out in both Beth and Max, Beth fearless at the galleries with strong defensive volleys and Max speeding around the court with terrific foot work pulling of some unbelievable backhand gets. They drew within one game of Bob and John. You could see the fear in eyes of John and Bob but with some solid play escaped with an 8 to 6 game win.

3rd Match (A)

Paul Weber/ Pat Winthrop vs Tom Rowe/ Benda Sabbag

Tom and Brenda were not intimidated by the exceedingly strong team of Pat and Paul, and took no time getting into a decent lead with some great pace from Tom and Benda’s trade mark clean volleys. Pat sensing this was not going to be an easy match to win did the unthinkable! He took off is Patriots hat, and we all understood he meant business. Sure, enough Pat and Paul clawed back with some consistent pressure from Pat and great returns of service from Paul. Now the momentum was shifting and the pressure was on Tom and Brenda. A call made on Tom’s attempted get in the forehand corner that he did not agree with showed things were tight and egged on by the gallery he challenged the official’s decision, possibly not wise this early in the season. Unfortunately for Tom the marker did not change the call and the chase stood. In no time at all the match was level at 7 games all. In the final game, Tom and Brenda raced out to a 40-love lead but again their opponents pulled back to 40 all but an uncharacteristic error by Pat saw the match go to Brenda and Tom 8 games to 7

The night went to The Rogues Gallery 3-0 plus a bonus point for winning the evening. The most supporters point went to Hermann’s Hermits..

Rogues Gallery 4   Hermann’s Hermits 1

Shot of the Night   Jackie Siefert’s get off a bottom edge of the grille bandeau.  Jackie ducked to leave the ball to go on the penthouse above the grille but it hit the underside of the bandeau and bounced down quickly into the floor and then popped up, Jackie swiveled around like a twister and retuned the ball all in 2 hundredth of a second

The only thing that topped the tennis was the hospitality and delicious food we received at the Racquets Pub thanks to Brenda and Anthony. With 19 strong at the Pub a great social night was had by all.


Teams Matches Played Matches Won/ Night won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
Rogues Gallery 1 4 0 4
In Your Grille 1 3 0 3
The Doors 1 1 1 2
Hermann’s Hermits 1 0 1 1


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