2016 – 2017 Night Leagues Kicks Off in Fine Fashion

2016 – 2017 Night Leagues Kicks Off in Fine Fashion

The Doors vs In Your Grille

Wed. 12/14/16


1st Match  (C)

Bill Russo/Bill Burgin vs Mary Stevens/ Phoebe Livingston

Russo and Burgin got off to a strong start. Russo who was only playing for the 3rd time this year looked like he had never left the game. He was reading the ball off the tambour and walls beautifully. He was aided by his well experienced and match hardened partner Bill Burgin.  Mr. Burgin is the master of mind games! 2 service games in a row, Burgin started with a double fault to give his opponents a false sense of security. This proved genius as Burgin/Russo won both those games. Burgin also decided when they were changing ends to hand Phoebe a handful of balls even though Phoebe & Mary were heading the receiving end to mess with their heads.  Burgin air swung at ball, letting Phoebe & Mary think they had won the point, only to turn around and retrieve the ball off the back wall.  He is the master of mind games so players be aware of Bill Burgin!!

Phoebe and Mary hung in tough. Despite going 3/0 down they clawed the game back 3/4. Phoebe showing off her talents at volleying and Mary was starting to find her form with a few beautiful volleys at the net. In the end The Doors (Burgin/Russo) won a close match 6/4

2nd Match (B)

Sheila Reilly/ Clem Napolitano vs Steve De Voe/ Petra Napolitano

Shelia and Clem started the match well. Clem was hitting the ball clean and hard and Sheila was playing some lovely ground stokes. They had their opponents rattled with a 3/1 lead. Steve & Petra started to find their groove. Both players started to serve tightly and volley the ball well.  They quickly turned their deficit into a lead. From there it was pretty much one way traffic. Only one hiccup, in a close game defending chase better than 1, Petra dumped a ball in the net that was not close to beating chase 1. Steve was not amused as it brought the game score to game ball. Petra redeemed herself the next point, hitting a cracking volley in to the base of the tambour to win the game, even putting a smile on Steve’s face J

In Your Grille ( De Voe/P Napolitano) won the match 10/5

3rd match (A)

Ross Cann/ Frank Oliveira vs Brewer Rowe Petra Napolitano

They say save the best to last!! This was one heck of a close match. Brewer & Petra got off to a strong start. Both made little errors. Brewer was volleying the ball extremely well, hard to believe it’s been more than 6 months since he last played. Ross, jokingly was questioning  the handicap of Brewer  as their opponents went 3/0 up with very little mistakes. Ross and Frank fought back. Ross covering the ball and the back of the court like a wild gazelle was proving difficult to hit winners against. He was supported at the net extremely well by Frank Oliveira who has some of the best hands in the club. He has a wonderful touch on the volley. The match went right to the buzzer. With The score and 7/7 all,  it was Brewer & Petra who came out on top as they were 30/0 up when the buzzer went. Fantastic match to cap off the night in the new and improved night League.

In Your Grille won the match 7/7 30/0 up.

Shot of the night, Brewer Rowe. Hit a beautiful controlled backhand off the penthouse straight in to winning gallery.

 Player of the Night, Bill Russo. Was sensational for someone that has not played in nearly a year. Welcome back Bill!

The Doors picked up to 2 points for winning a match and having the most squad members on the night.

In Your Grille Picked up 3 points for winning 2 matches and the winning the night.


Teams Matches Played Matches Won/ Night won Highest Team attendance Overall Points
In Your Grille 1 3 0 3
The Doors 1 1 1 2
Team 3 0
Team 4 0
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