2013 Jimmy Dunn

NTC in Philadelphia for 2013 Jimmy Dunn. Rich Smith and Robbie Whitehouse WIN the Open division !!

This year, the National Tennis Club represented WELL in Philadelphia. Twelve Newport players traveled to the RCOP last Thursday in order to compete in one of the most stacked tournaments of the year. Amanda Avedissian & Chris Cushing, Jennie Metzler & Amy MacMillan, Richard Gilder (partnered with Jake McCray / DC), Frank Oliveira & Kurt Poulton (back draw), AND our very own talented pro, Rich Smith ALL made it to the finals of their divisions. Ryan Carey, member of both DC and Newport also won his division. In addition, Paul Harkins, Joe Tomaino, Marc Lewenstein, Brian Owens,and Petra Napolitano were in attendance for the Ed Knoll Memorial dinner, which paid homage to the hard work and dedication of Mr. Knoll, a former RCOP court tennis pro who influenced many of the pros we learn from today.

The Open : Won by Rich Smith and Robbie Whitehouse!!
Division A : James Zug / Gary Swantner
Division B : Ryan Carey / Chris Motz
Division C : Dr.Richard Gilder / Jake McCray
Division D : Standish / Spera
Division E : Amy MacMillan / Jennie Metzler

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