The National Tennis Club (NTC) is located in the Court Tennis Building at the Newport Casino within the grounds of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. The club has an active membership of approximately 100 players. It is also one of the busiest court tennis courts in the United States and has a creative play program for all levels, including club handicaps, inter-city play, night leagues, and national and international tournaments. Club members compete worldwide.


Camden Riviere talks about upcoming World Championship match

Watch Camden Riviere as he talks about his upcoming World Championship match against Rob Fahey.

2016 Real Tennis World Championship Rob Fahey Interviews

Watch two Rob Fahey YouTube interviews about the upcoming World Championship at Newport...

Limited Edition National Tennis Club World Championship Racquet

The National Tennis Club has collaborated with Gold Leaf Athletics to design 40 limited edition National Tennis Club World Championship racquets.

Club Championship Results!!!

National Tennis Club Championship results...

Night League 4/6/16

Teams Playing: Chase OFF! vs Petra’s Pirates. Winner: Chase OFF! 2-1. Read full report here...